5 Skills Of A Good Social Media Marketer

Everyone who does social media marketing, whether it is for their self or an employer, wants to achieve a certain level of success. I can admit with a great deal of transparency that I have had to learn much the hard way. I suppose it’s cool to have been a pioneer but what that really means is we had to find the way to make it work. In the beginning there were a lot of “new gurus” who just said whatever sounded like it should work or regurgitated whatever the “bigger guru” said that just sounded like it should work. Now we have data. Data is our friend.

We’ve Learned Something Else, Too

In addition to learning what actually works we also now have a good 10,000 feet high view of the habits of successful social media marketers. There really isn’t anything mind blowing in this list. If you’re like me just seeing them all tied together is about all you need to get you squared away and back in the parade–hopefully somewhere out front.

Skill One: Organization

Surely everyone who blogs, tweets, or posts in any other way is highly organized, right? As for me I occasionally have to stop and re-organize. This happens when I get too into things that don’t really matter and start letting go of what does matter. Almost every pundit agrees organization is a key to success–or at least to manageable, reproducible success. Have a schedule, stick to it, keep your clients separated, save time for yourself.

Skill Two: Improvisation

The clock, as they say, just keeps on ticking. If your calendar says you need to post 12 times on a particular day and you haven’t done enough research and your internet is crawling because the rest of the office is streaming replays of “Office”, what do you do? Improvise. Maybe you reach for print. Maybe you get on the phone and call a fellow social pro or someone who is a subject matter expert on the topic you are writing about. Of course that’s just one example of the need to improvise and to be able to think way outside of the box, color outside of the lines, and still produce valuable, meaningful content that inspires engagement and transaction.

Skill Three: Salesmanship

There, I said it. Content marketing is often the first, second, third, and final step in the marketing funnel. It’s often just a one person operation meaning the social marketer creates the content, posts the content, tracks¬†the ROTI, and files the analytics reports. Even on larger teams the content creator and social marketer often have the task of selling the product–maybe without sounding sales motivated at all. This is one of those skills that requires us to understand the sales process and how to use the psychology of sales without the town crier/carnival barker technique.

Skill Four: Investigation

If you’re really good at “the Google” that’s a great start. If you know how to dig up information of value that isn’t on Google you’re a champ. Pick up the phone and call a SME. Go in person to where your information originates. Send emails to influencers who may answer. If they don’t it’s no big deal just keep on plugging. Finding answers that aren’t easily available on search is a great way to bring value to the community and could score big for you.

Skill Five: Listening

By listening, of course, I mean reading mostly. If you’re the kind of person who can read between the lines and get to the point someone is trying to make even before they make it you’re going to excel at the service part of social marketing. If you can tell people want green leather shoes by what they are posting before they even say green leather shoes it stands to reason you’re going to be the first one to the game with the solution: green leather shoes. Of course if they’re still talking you need to still be listening because they may give you even more information. Listening to the channels is one of the most important social marketing skills of all.

There are many more nuances and skills to social marketing but if you have these five it’s a high likelihood you’re going to be pretty good at the game. I’m so very glad you took your time to read all the way to here. Just because you did I’m going to give you a copy of my eBook 10¬†Secrets of Crushing It Online just for commenting on this post.