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$35 Web Development?

Every small business, home based business, or e-commerce business either has or needs a website. As a small business owner I believe every penny counts. There are literally hundreds of thousands of “web developers” in business today. I have been developing websites since 1994 – migrating from developing for other types of digital delivery systems. Much of my experience has been with work from home businesses, entrepreneurs, start-ups, and well established medium businesses. My team and I have also developed for many enterprise corporations and we are highly specialized in the languages used for WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal (to name a few).

You must be crazy! Actually, no. I have operated small businesses for many years and when salespeople call on me, give me a pitch, get me hooked, then tell me something will only cost umpteen thousand dollars…I get a little discouraged. Naturally, like you, I figured I could do it myself. Too many times, that turned out to be an even worse decision and my client development time suffered.


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