3 Good Uses for QR Codes

Love, them, hate them or never heard of them. It’s actually difficult to find someone familiar with QR codes who remains neutral. If you do not know what QR codes are you can read more about them at QR CodeBase. If you are familiar with them but you simply have not gotten on board with using them for business, marketing or income generation let’s look at these 3 examples of how (and why) to use QR codes.

The examples used are all hypothetical or theoretical but easy to impose your own circumstances or industry over the scenarios. Keep in mind it is not that you may not be able to accomplish these same tasks a different way it’s that this way may be more efficient and mobile. Feel free to comment or ask questions or create QR codes for yourself.

QR Codes For Live Audio or Video Chat

Computer peripherals are the bane of the existence of many small business owners. Though progress in operating systems and hardware alike have made them easier to connect there are still moments of deep frustration. Imagine ordering a product online only to have it be very difficult to install and connect. Meanwhile your computer is down because you’re stuck in the middle of installing this new piece.

On the box is a QR code which says, “Scan this code for live help”. You scan it with your Android phone and 5 seconds later a nice young lady pops up on your screen and says, “Hi, this is Alice, how may I help you?”

Alice eventually asks you to show her the back of your computer with your Droid device and bam, there’s the problem. She shows you how to make the proper connections and you’re back online.

How To Videos

It’s Christmas Eve and dad has just a couple of hours to help Santa get the new roboflyer ready for little Timmy. On the packaging there is a QR code with the words, “Scan this code for a 3 minute, step-by-step, video of assembly and configuration.”

Facility Tours

Let’s say you provide workspace for small businesses in Marietta, Georgia. I can use this example because I’m active in doing so now. Since I am also a full-time LAMP coder there are times I need not be interrupted. Additionally there are times when I am not physically in the facility so the doors are locked.

On the door as you approach each area of the facility is a QR code with the words, “Scan this code for a 2 minute video tour.” Each room has it’s only video and own information about how to book the room. Sometimes it even includes how to access the room for a self-guided tour.

Here’s my challenge to you: for your industry find one thing you can use QR codes for and one thing you really don’t think you can (or should) use QR codes for – and share those with us!

Next I’ll tell you how I use QR codes for custom landing pages and squeeze pages for business.

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