Google Hummingbird Will Affect You If…


hummingbirdGoogle’s new, not updated, algorithm (set) plays heavily to mobile. A/B testing is just starting on this but my prediction is that an identical page with no mobile ready presentation (HTML5, responsive design, alternate presentment, whatever) will not fair as well in Hummingbird as one that does not.

Now, perhaps more than ever, site structure, geographic location, mobile readiness, and self-identity is highly valuable. It still pays to network, connect, engage, get social, be local, and pay attention to detail. Hummingbird promises to be a big boon to the honest Internet marketer and social networker.

All of this means being “Google friendly” has taken on an entirely new set of priorities. Most sites are not Hummingbird ready. My experience is that the average, small business, real estate agent, chiropractor, healthcare or legal professional, will need site modifications to become Hummingbird compliant or will loose Google traction quickly.

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