Address Your Audience (Leave The Others Out)

How dare you! Photo: emutold
How dare you! Photo: emutold

This morning I was sent a link to a YouTube video about a news event in Iran. I decided to watch it because of the title in the video and expected a professional news report. Instead of my expectations I was met with a rant about how people never listen to what the video poster says. He continued by repeatedly saying, “you people”, “most of you” and “Americans” in his dunning of those who actually took the time to listen.

He got my thumbs down and a comment address his approach received my thumbs up.

When I was a teenager I made a purchase at a local electronics store. The item I purchased did not work right out of the package. When I returned it to the store later the same day for an exchange theĀ attendantĀ (assuming he was the owner) who had apparently faced returns from other young men scolded me about making the return and then called me “you guys”.

I reached a realization at that time about lumping people together.

Speak to the audience in front of you. Address those who are actually reading your blog post. Berating those who did not take the time to read or attend does nothing to empower the audience you have nor add value to your presentation. If someone takes the time, spends the resources and is interested enough to listen to or read what you have presented they deserve your very best and not to listen to your rant about the others.

Thank you for investing your time in reading my words.

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