How Many Data Tables Does WordPress Use?

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Someone just emailed a very valid question. It seems they were wanting to trim back their WordPress database to only the virgin install state and wanted to make sure they backed up only the data tables they needed to accomplish this. There could be arguments that not all of the virgin install data tables need to be restored but the question, verbatim, was, “how many data tables does WordPress use when you first install it?”

The answer is 11.

Of course just that answer isn’t worth much if you have 27 tables in your database. So here is the list of the tables WordPress creates when it is installed on your webserver:

  • wp_commentmeta
  • wp_comments
  • wp_links
  • wp_options
  • wp_postmeta
  • wp_posts
  • wp_terms
  • wp_term_relationships
  • wp_term_taxonomy
  • wp_usermeta
  • wp_users

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Secrets of Small Business Success: You Can’t Do Everything

The same spirit that drives us to become independent professionals often is our own worst enemy when it comes to task performance. Our ambition and our recognition “if anything is going to get done I’m going to have to do it myself” leads us to take on important functions we are neither qualified for nor prepared to handle. In the end it may, put some emphasis on may, turn out fine but even then at what cost?

Are you really the super hero you’re trying to be? Probably not but don’t sweat it – you don’t need to be!

My First Audit

Back in 1985 I had my first IRS audit of a business. I had done all of my own bookkeeping and taxes throughout the years and kept my own record. The visit from the agent was not as frightening as I had expected but the follow up was quite intense. In the end it did turn out fine but the very real stress and anxiety I faced as we went through to process was in no way worth the $750 it would have cost me (back then) to have had the part I did done by a professional. From that point on I never did my own.

Tasks Like SEO or Web Content

Or maybe they are not really less crucial but less well know. At that same business I took quotes on having a 4’x32′ sign painted with my logo and some text. The total cost would have been $900 not including installation. Of course I could do it myself and I sat out to prove it. My final cash investment was $230 including installation. How’d the sign look? Well, it wasn’t bad as they say. It also wasn’t the professional, sleek look I wanted for my business.

Things We Never Think of Doing

Most of us never think of installing our own alarm system, doing our own electrical work or building our own office furniture. What is the difference between the two functions I mentioned performing on my own earlier and these? Why not just go ahead and build my own executive chairs? If you answered like I did, “because I can buy one already professionally built that looks and works much better than mine”, you’d be on the thought track I was searching for.

So if there are things we simply never consider doing what is the line and how do we cross it to do things we “can” do but should not? I mean it’s almost common place for people to take on their own taxes, bookkeeping, advertising, web mastering, and other functions. Trust me, I’ve seen the websites that look like they came with the server for free and have all those free themes and plugins. Your clients and competitors see them too.

When you listen to the radio or watch cable it’s not very difficult on some ad spots to tell which ones were written by the business owner. Likewise for print ads with generic clip art you see in a dozen other ads throughout the year. Does performing these tasks save you money? What about that old “long run” view – do you win or lose over the term?

Get Some Advice

Perhaps one of the most crucial steps in the life, both business and personal, for the Independent Professional is finding a worthy go-to adviser. Without the few I have it would have been impossible to reach the levels of success I have enjoyed. Some may come from family, some from the community and some from your existing roster of close friends. When choosing and adviser make sure it is someone you can trust for the type of advice you’ll be needing.

Whatever you do take time to pause and think then spend a little time investigating the cost and benefit of paying a professional to perform the tasks with which you are faced. Not all tasks may have the dire consequences associated with doing your own business taxes (and I understand some of you are fully capable of handling that task) but their may be farther reaching, more fiscally damaging results from some of them.

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Who’s Name Goes On The Article?

I suppose this is a common question for ghost writers, content creators and contract employees who create content for their clients. I get it all the time from my web content and blog content clients. The answer, for my services, is simple: If you buy ready made or generic content my name goes on it. If you retain my services (that means pay me to work for you) then your name goes on the content.

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When You Buy Articles Who Is The Author?

You may or may not be aware than many “authors” actually give their writers the idea they want portrayed whether it’s for books, movies or blog articles and that’s the end of their involvement. In other words many “authors” do not actually write their own content. I know, right? Because I cannot speak on behalf of the many content writers out there who choose to write content on which others place their names I will use my services as an example to give you an understanding of how it works. With that said know when I am writing about services or fees I am writing about my services and my fees which may, or may not, be the general rule.

If a client comes to me with a very specific idea of what they want written and my services will mostly be research and assembly of data followed by a corrective re-write or less I generally charge $100 or more for a blog style article giving all rights to the client. On the other hand if someone simply wants 200 words give or take a dozen on the keyword topic of their choice and my name will stay on the blurb it’s literally only five bucks. Now bear in mind this is partially for my publicity so I do not release the full license for use of the content – this is a one off content license for the single purpose and it does not allow for the removal of the author’s information.

What happens when a client needs several pages of web content or blog content created? That’s where content packages come in. Perhaps my most popular package is one month of blog or web content written around a single keyphrase with 8 articles of approximately 500-700 words delivered throughout the month along with tracking through keyword tools (Google) on the performance of those phrases.

Points To Consider When You Want to Buy Content

As terrible as this may sound to my wonderful sister and multi-degreed Dr. Northcutt, the lifelong educator, grammar and sentence structure truly are not the primary consideration where SEO is concerned. Is it important? Oh, you bet – it’s just not the most important. My intent by beginning this section with this slap from a wet trout is to say hiring a writer fresh out of journalism school is not guaranteed to return the advancements you need. In fact this world is all about appeasing the reader with relevant information and that being picked up by Google’s ever changing algorithms as they seek (so they claim) to provide only the best, most relevant information to their search customers.

People with SEO skills who have been in business for a few years and who have faced the challenge of creating their own leads often make the best writers. They generally understand the importance of delivering a concise and accurate message while focusing on the points most likely to win the attention of Google. When interviewing your prospective writer ask what they have been doing for the last 10 years.

You can get tons of content from 3rd world countries for pennies. Do I really need to sell our international brothers and sisters down the river? If what you are doing really matters look close to home. This keeps in line with our “perfect grammar does not perfect content create” but adds the unknown factor of “what the heck does this mean” to the outcome. Your site visitors really care when they get content relevant to their search. Your visitors are not always the search engine genius you are so Google does an ever improving job of presenting truly relevant search results to their search customers. In the future they will likely have some mind reading app but it’s not out yet.

How To Buy Web or Blog Content

It should go without saying you need to read what your contractor has written. Furthermore they should be well rounded, experience individuals. Be careful on hiring content companies (content farms) for your personal business if you are an independent professional. Getting your personality across on paper or web page can be a daunting task best not left up to automation, inexperience and shortness of understanding. Be thorough in your appreciation for their talent, skills, experience, and knowledge because you cannot learn most lessons in a classroom or just by Googling the answer!

I will be happy to speak with you about your content needs, provide references and give you an opportunity to experience my abilities without the need for a long-term, heavy obligation through a massive and expensive contract. Just contact me about SEO and custom website content or blog articles for sale.