What is Your Pinterest Score?


Of course you must know, track and flaunt your Pinterest score! After all gamification is on everything now so just how long did you think it would be until you started worrying about winning at Pinterest? Well thanks to the people at Repinly I now know that Jane Wang has outpinned us all and we can just quit. Or challenge …

I know you’re subscribed, right?

Screen capture of Repinly.com

Repinly.com tracks stats and gamifies Pinterest.

When gamification of social platforms became popular I was at first concerned. Now that I am charged with developing “the next big thing for small business people” I am enthralled with the idea of gamification and glad to know Adam Archer (Vitrue, GamesThatGive) and have had the pleasure of a couple of great phone conversations with him about how gamification works. This, however, is not an article about gamification but rather how to track some interesting Pinterest stats along with, you guessed it, your Pinterest score.

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