What is Google Drive?


Simply put Google Drive is Google’s cloud storage service. If you are familiar with DropBox Google is offering something similar but integrated with other Google properties such as mail. Currently I would not call Google Drive “feature rich” but my guess is they have plans and designs on upping their offerings. In fact if you are an iPhone user you will have to wait for your opportunity to Drive mobile – Android users may begin immediately. (Mine was already installed.)

Google Drive

Google Drive - Cloud Storage for Everyone

Comparing Google Drive to Google Docs, which it replaces, you won’t see to many wow aspects. In fact other than giving me a different perspective on the same content I only had one wow event. Looking at the thumbnail images instead of the line item list is pretty cool – see image. Other than that I have yet to detect any reason to drop DropBox but we’ll see what is on the horizon.

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For now I place Google Drive in the “wait and see before you dump your preferred service” category. Keep in mind Google owns their storage and DropBox uses Amazon … for what that is worth. Meanwhile, if you don’t have one, grab yourself a free DropBox demo account and test drive their tools.