Pinterest for Small Business Voice Amplification


Next month at SMB Atlanta (May 17) I will be speaking on the topic, “How To Give Your Small Brand a Big Voice” and one of the tools I will be talking about is Pinterest. It is important to note that Pinterest is a tool and the techniques by which you use it are a part of your strategy. Pinterest, in and of itself, is not a strategy.

Pinterest certainly has it challenges but many of us are finding successful, measurable results in our uses of it. Overwhelming results? Not so much necessarily but the branches grow wide from the seeds. I’m already reaping small fruits from those seeds and have heard of others doing so as well. Granted we’re still exploring and learning but it doesn’t hurt to follow in the pathways of others who have proven what may work for you.

  • ¬†Where do you stand?
  • Do you use Pinterest?
  • What have you found to be the best use of Pinterest for small brands?
  • Would you recommend including Pinterest in a small business outreach plan?¬†

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