Jailbreak! So Toying With Your iPhone Can Land You Behind Bars?


“Some manufacturers (including Apple) have claimed that jailbreaking violates a section of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA)” states the article at Geek.com in no uncertain terms. Of course we have long known Apple to be brutal in keeping users in line and behind the line. It seemed everything was okay about users having the choice of what they wanted to install on their PC or laptop but when mobile came along things changed. Manufacturers decided they would take control of your nappy ass and tell you where to stand and how to hold their device.  Just another in the long list of reasons I enjoy using Linux and Android … mostly Linux but when it comes to mobile it’s Android or a string and two tin cans.

Your thoughts? Should jail-breaking your iPhone be punishable as a crime like producing illegal copies of software and distributing them? Read the Geek.com article here.

2 thoughts on “Jailbreak! So Toying With Your iPhone Can Land You Behind Bars?

  1. Apple’s so called ease of use comes at too high a price for me.  I love the flexibility and choice offered by the availability of multiple apps and software.  In software, I always look for open source first.  Often, there is some “overhead” involved in sourcing out documentation and ease of use features; but it is worth the effort to me.  

    My desktop audio system is fantastic as a result while being driven from my laptop.
    Combining audio and photo; I have some great options and all for free!

    1. I agree Mike. Even Apple admits their biggest plus is “it’s so easy a ____ can do it”.  I have not used or supported them since the early 90s mostly due to their steel cage attitude and sheer disrespect for intelligence. Admittedly it took a while for mainstream to match their quality on graphics but now there are tools, choices of true professionals, that equal or surpass anything available for iOS. To combat it they decided to let their machines run Windows. Meaningless to me.

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