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Everyone who knows me even a little knows I have multiple blogs, write on some community sites and love audio and video. Doing all of that takes more than just time it also takes a few tools. Since people love to know and I am constantly talking about my equipment I want to share with you exactly what I use (or the nearest thing to it) here for you to go ahead and order.

These are the headphones I have been using for about 18 months and they are amazing. Nothing for the price I can find has been any better or even as comfortable. Long lasting is key – I was going through wired headsets in about 4 to 6 months. This one is wireless, holds a charge great and has a range of easily 50 feet. Plantronics .Audio 995 Wireless Stereo Headset

For voice over work I want something of very high quality and I may actually have over-reached with this microphone. It is amazingly clear, picks up sounds you can’t even here and gives the professional results you expect. I’ve read thousands of words into mine and never had any disappointment with the operation and performance of this amazing microphone. CAD GXL2200SP Studio Condenser Mic Recording Pack

With a microphone like the one above you don’t want to be dumping your voice onto just any recorder. While the capabilities of this one may be overkill for the standard podcaster it allows me to also mix in music, other sounds like sound affects and sound clips, and gives me all the control I need for vocal affects. Boss BR-1200CD Digital Recording Studio

For quick video I use the Kodak PlayTouch because it’s totally self-contained for most quick shooting. It actually gives a better raw finish than some of my other toys and is much lighter than my Mino Flip. Also the PlayTouch has an external microphone port which Jeremy Blanton points out needs the stereo splitter to get vocals from the mono lavaliere onto both channels – or you can split the channel in editing, whichever. Kodak PlayTouch Video Camera (Black)

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  • Raj

    Well, that’s a lot of equipments… Thanks for the info. If ever I want to start a digital studio at home, I know where to come and get ideas for the equipments I need to buy…¬†

    • thekencook

      Happy New Year Raj. It took a couple of years to collect all that stuff but I still “need” a few more things. Isn’t that the way it always is?

  • Sarah-Miss Virtual Reality

    Wow! You have some fancy stuff that you use. However, I am not sure how most people can afford such grand tools. You should try test out a few free ones and do a review. That way those who need fancy tools can find a way to do it on a budget. 

    • thekencook

      Thank you Sarah. I actually talk about free and budget All The Time so this was a divergence for people who, like I, do this for a living for clients. Almost every week on Social Media Edge Radio (you can listen online) we talk about DIY on a budget :) feel free to join us this Tuesday at 9AM PST (Noon EST). – and make sure you subscribed here because I do talk about free and inexpensive resources all the time.

  • Mike Lyles


    For personal listening from your PC or Android, are you using a portable DAC/AMP?

    These little devices transform audio into a terrifically enjoyable experience; particularly when combined with high end IEM or in ear monitors (quite a step up from “earbuds”).

    A new low cost ($150 to $170) range FiiO E17 will be out late in January or early February and is available from

    This dac will also play lossless FLAC files up to 24 bit / 96 Khtz leaving MP3 quality in the dust.

    I look forward to hearing that you give this technology a try.

    Love your blogs!

    • Ken Cook

      Thanks for sharing Mike. It’s good to hear from someone on the listening end ¬†because I honestly don’t think of those tools quite as much.