How to exclude yourself from Google analytics


When you have a website that is receiving only a couple of hundred “visits” per day and you account for 20 of those you are going to greatly skew your Google analytics results. Excluding yourself from being counted in the stats is really quite simple and can be easily accomplished by using the filter tool inside your Google analytics account.

The following video will show you how to easily exclude your own visits from your Google analytics.

5 thoughts on “How to exclude yourself from Google analytics

    1. You can do the same for your iPhone or you can create and install a custom cookie on your device (or any device with a browser that holds cookies). After creating the cookie you just need to create a custom filter to look for the custom field you created in your custom cookie.

  1. Old post, but still valid. Thanx for the tutorial. I would like to do the same with my phone (HTC), but need something more detailed than “create a custom coockie”. Have no idea what you are talking about hahaha.. Could I be so lucky that you have a tutorial about it?

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