Twitter’s new “Activity Stream”


Have you had the opportunity to play with it yet?

Twitter activity streamThe first thing I found on it that was useful to me was where someone I follow had added a technology tool to one of their groups. Of course this immediately made me wonder what all I do that will be added to the stream. Here is what I see so far:

  • If you favorite a post it goes to the Activity Stream
  • If you add someone to, I’m assuming only, a public group it goes to the Activity Stream
  • If you follow someone it goes to the Activity Stream
  • If you retweet a tweet it goes to the Activity Stream
  • If someone follows you it goes to the Activity Stream

Yeah. That’s about it from what I have seen but that does not mean it does not have value. For example in the first bits of information I saw I checked out my friend’s group and read a few posts. I would likely have not done so had it not been for the new feature.

4 thoughts on “Twitter’s new “Activity Stream”

  1. I think accessing the activity stream of friends might be useful. But I am not much in to twitter. I like the longer version of blogs to express my opinions.

    1. I tend to agree Andi. I think there may be a little too much information in the @mentions tab. Maybe there will be a way to filter out certain actions in there in the future. I’m sure¬†@Twitter:twitter¬†is listening.

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