Three tips for generating leads online


Generating leads is a wide topic. The lead could be anything from a sales lead to a date prospect. In fact it could simply be another name to add to your list. While there has been much written on the topic the baseline of it all can be summed up in three functions: present, ask and follow-up.


There are a lot of different opinions on the format and style of presentation. In the end some work better than others and some simply fail to deliver. All experienced people will tell you the same: keep it short and to the point. In reality if you can fit everything on a single screen, not requiring any scrolling, you have done an amazing job.


When reaching for contact with another person in physical experiences do you read them a book to get their business card? No! Sometimes you simply ask, “do you have a card?” repeated studies have shown that floating forms increase the number of conversions by hundreds of percentage points. Don’t let that be the only place you ask for contact but certainly include it on your landing pages.


This is what separates the name takers from the action makers. Your contact pages should immediately confirm that you received the information and this should happen automatically. Additionally the ideal lead generation page would make use of a timed messaging system until the lead converts or drops out.

Wrapping it up

While those three items are the foundation there is a lot of room for work and methodology in the balance. There are social media accounts and proper use of those, there are only advertising sites, relevant discussion boards, comment marketing, QR codes in the physical, and many more. This post was not intended to address those – you’re on your own!



4 thoughts on “Three tips for generating leads online

    1. How true. Then there is the flip side of that coin where there is far too much contact after the sign up. I have literally had as many as 6 or more emails every day after signing up. Where do you think that line is – how much connection?

  1. Great points! A/B testing is critical to achieving a successful lead generation campaign. Google Optimizer & Google Analytics are great tools to help you maximize your lead generation campaings.

    1. Absolutely Ben. I strongly urge A/B testing to make sure the searching public helps you know which content works best. Even then constantly tweaking has its value.

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