Share Your Circles on Google+

Figure 1 - Share This Circle

Don’t ask why – or at least if you do ask why please ask someone else. You can now share circles on Google+ and it’s just as easy as everything else on G+. Simply go to your circles then open the circle you want to share and look for the share link (Figure 1).

Once you have clicked the share link you can turn your computer off and go back to your regularly, scheduled mundaneness. Quite literally that’s the sum total of sharing circles. If you need a further explanation I’m not your guy.

Okay, because you asked. Sharing circles is a way to promote your friends. That is, after all, a large factor in successful social, yes? You share them, they share you – it turns into one, big, happy, social love fest. Or the Facebook version – poke fest.

Sharing Circles on Google+

Once you have shared a circle the people you have shared it with will see you have shared it and obviously want to share another with you. You can share circles with individuals, circles, groups of circles, or the public. If the members are not connected they will need to add each other to share posts and other info.

Since it’s new, I’m tired and it’s my wife’s birthday we may or may not have an in-depth discussion on this topic on Social Media Edge radio tomorrow. Chances are we’ll touch on it so if you missed it live catch the replay on iTunes.

Contact Form 7 – Placing Radio Buttons and Checkboxes on Separate Lines

I saw an article answering the question, “how can I get Contact Form 7 to display radio buttons and checkboxes on separate lines instead of all jumbled up”? And, of course, this is a great question and likely asked by … well, you. This would be why you’re here.

Most of the answers I have seen are really complex and not necessarily the best practice in coding so I thought I would share how I do it for myself and those very few clients so fortunate to have me working for them. Ahem.

Log in as admin. Navigate to your list of plugins. Find “Contact Form 7″. Click on the “Edit” link. Look on the right side and find the file that named “STYLES.CSS”. Click on it. This will open it for editing.

Inside of the file scroll down about 2/3s of the way and find the line that reads “span.wpcf7-list-item” and this is where (and the only place) you’re going to edit. See the “before” and “after” images to see what this does and see the “code” image to see how to edit. Don’t forget to save the file after making the change and don’t forget to refresh your form page to see the results.