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“In the cloud” for beginners – Cloud Computing 099


Cloud computing is a term you hear more and more and will hear more and more. You may also have heard it referred to as remote computing, hosted apps and a few other names. What it is, in reality, is quite simple. Your operating system, Windows, Mac, Ubuntu, RedHat, whatever you use is on your device. It could even be a pared down OS like Android or WebOS. Your applications and your data, most of it, is stored on a remote computer called a “cloud server”. The illustration from WikiCommons demonstrates nicely – see Figure 1

Diagram of Cloud Computing

Figure 1 - Diagram of Cloud Computing

Currently I am using four different cloud systems on two different cloud networks. I have DropBox, Amazon Cloud and AWS all residing on Amazon’s servers. Then for work I use only a terminal connection and connect to the Oasys network.