The psychology of begging for comments


You’ve seen them. It’s those posts that say, “Please leave your comment your input is crucial to my life.” Those are the blatant ones almost anyone can recognize. There is another, too. The more covert approach is to write a post, even a tweet, designed with the sole purpose of provoking a response. Today we look at these.


Acceptance on and offline - same

“I like yellow. What is your favorite color?”

There is a belief, by a few, it is better to receive comments – thus placating the lack of personal esteem – than to deliver quality content. This stems from a general feeling of inadequacy or low self-respect. More often than not these are the same people who comment on other’s posts with vague relevance to the actual content. Is this a problem? Not for us, but certainly it is a great indication of the psychological condition of the person. Perhaps even a plea for help not just a cry for acceptance.

“I went to the Astros game and had a hot dog. Do you like chili or sauerkraut on your dogs?”

Certainly this approach works better than, “Will you please leave a comment so I can at least have the impression you respect me enough to comment on something I write?” In the end it really is the same technique. Is it bad? Probably not. This is, after all, social media and the same behavior happens in society. We all have that friend who sends out 100 invitations to their own birthday party, orders their own cake, hires the caterer and even has an open bar. Score. We need more friends like that!

Do these types of posts pleading for comments do any good?

They do. They allow others to interact on meaningless banter which is somewhat of a relief since many posts are intimidating and filled with too many points to adequately address. For the poster it may also have the same value as an artist painting a few strokes – an artistic release.

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  • chris allen

    Whatever. What’s in it for me?

  • Tiffany Paralta

    This post along with another one truly had me up all night thinking.
    Thanks for the musings – the insights – and the provocation of thought.