Guaranteed solution to the real estate problem


Agents: Sell more homes

Buyers: Buy a home already

There. Settled.

Okay – that’s oversimplified. The hiccup today is there is more inventory than need. It’s basic supply and demand. Right, you’ve heard that until it gags you to read it. Well, here are some facts before we go one more step on our journey:

Housing values are down tremendously in almost every market. A great number of listings, today, are either short payoffs (pre-foreclosures) or lender owned (foreclosures).

Interest rates are about to start their upward spiral – it’s not a possibility, it’s an inevitability.

There are still far too many real estate agents for the number of sales.

You’ve been told by some tech sleazy circuit speakers print is dead, radio is dead, cable is dead, all you need is a Facebook account, a WordPress account and an email address and you’re going to make millions and if you don’t do it you’re a total idiot. What really gets confusing is when they start deriding you for thinking SEO is still viable and blogging should still be a part of your marketing toolkit. But I digress – and I said toolkit.

Let me posit this: do you think GEICO or AllState’s marketing directors sit down and read the crap most of us are exposed to in our daily lives? Do you think they subscribe to the Twitteroogle Daily Ubervideo and take that advice into consideration when they establish their marketing strategy for the next 10 years? Can they be so wrong all the time as to include print, television, radio, and direct mail in their campaigns?

We need to backtrack. Like now.

Most real estate agents are not national in scope or desire. Most agents like to operate in a relatively narrow field generally encompassing their own living area. Not unlike the local plumber, mechanic or home repairman the majority of people the agent needs to reach live in a defined range of addresses. There I go, I spoke old school.

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