SoLoMo – the convergence of Social, Local and Mobile




SoLoMo - Social Local Mobile

Like every other piece of buzz, or most other buzz at least, SoLoMo is not the end all. You will still be able to market other ways but for the local business: the chiropractor, the real estate agent, the auto repair center, and other services offering services within a relatively narrow diameter РSoLoMo is now.  Much like the yellow directories of yesterday SoLoMo focuses on local market areas with a higher transactional focus.


Breaking it down

Social is the first of the trinity of flavors. For our purposes, new media/online marketing, social begins online and ends in personal space. Sites like MeetUp and the horribly abused Facebook Events make it easy to plan and coordinate live events. (Yes, I know there are others – feel free to spam your own in the comments section.)

2 thoughts on “SoLoMo – the convergence of Social, Local and Mobile

  1. SoLoMo another great buzzword to rock with. John Doerr ( the billionaire VC from Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers) coined it – these guys that make the bucks on the investments in the bleeding edge new tech you have to watch them. They are normally 12-18 months out front… on the mainstream adoption. What do you think about the Color app? I am thinking how brands and small folks could use this.. let’s share ideas..

    1. Still not flipped on Color though I like what I think was the thought behind it. Tried to toy with it at RETSO but even there where Jeff Turner tried to start a buzz it seemed to fizzle. I still don’t see what the investors saw to inject $41 million but I don’t know the whole story.

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