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Cool iPhone Gadgets: iRig

iRig for iPhone/iPad iRig – suggested retail price $59.95 or on Amazon for about $40 So you’re hanging out on a rainy weekend with nothing much to do but you have your guitar and you’d like to send someone special back home that addictive tune you’ve had in your head. Thing is all you have […]

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If I ran Facebook: 7 changes I would consider

We all see the complaints. Facebook makes changes without warning then suffers the brutality of the social network it supports. This event is generally followed by backtracking and scrambling to “fix what they broke”. Let children run a company, nation or social behemoth and that’s what you’re going to get: unilateral decisions that don’t work […]

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Mega Millions Winning Numbers and SEM

I’ve got a golden ticket. The nice part about this golden ticket, especially for search engine marketers, is the predictability it presents. Natural disasters, natural events like the death of a super-star, terrible accidents like the Challenger disaster, and similar events turn Google into a massive flurry of searches on those key words. What search […]

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