Reverse a short URL before you visit


UPDATE: 14-Dec-2011 sometime during the last few month the site featured in this article went bye-bye. However, here’s a great replacement at

I am the first to admit I love short URLs. In fact I have a project I play with which creates short URLs and generates a matching QR code which can later be edited. However there are times I want to know what I’m going to before I click. There is a way. In fact I’m certain there are several ways and you are invited to share the ways you know so the other readers can be informed as well.

While plugins are either already available or coming for every major web browser and multiple sites to handle this task we’ll look only at the web based one and a Chrome extension I like to use.

2 thoughts on “Reverse a short URL before you visit

  1. Q: when I click a link or copy + paste the URL especially for BidURL and now the link I get a response: Oops, Internet Explorer can not find………..  Do you know of any way to overcome this?

    1. Seems they have gone the way of so many web ventures … non-existant. I will try and locate a similar service and update. In the mean time if you find something please share it with us!

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