Blocking game requests on Facebook (Updated)


UPDATED 06-JUN-2014 – see the new graphic here:

blocking facebook games

Blocking all game requests on Facebook with one click isn’t possible, but this easy trick will help a lot. The video on page two of this article shows how to block all invites from one page…

  1. Find the game invitation in your notifications list.
  2. Hover your mouse pointer over the little down arrow in the upper right corner and click on the X when it appears.
  3. Choose to Turn Off further invitations (all communications) from that game (not the person, just the game).
  4. Make sure you get the notification that you have blocked that Facebook game.

UPDATED 28-MAR-2013 – see the video at the bottom of the page on “How To Block Game Invites on Facebook”.

If you’re like me you don’t want to block or delete your friends but you really don’t want to play Potato Bug or Window Seal on Facebook. You also probably don’t want to block all invitations because you (a) want to know what your friends are into and (b) you may be up really late one night and decide to join.

How To Block Game Invites On Facebook

How To Block Game Invites On Facebook

If you haven’t known what to do just do this:

Log in to Facebook. Go to  look in the left sidebar and find the word “Requests”. It will look somewhat like Figure 1.

While you are there you can remember all those invitations you just deleted from your Notifications or you wall and revisit the dismay at your boss inviting you to play Twinkle Toes. Shiver. Once you block the app in the next step the invites are gone and you will not get further invites to play the game (or use the app).

Once you click the “Requests” link you will see all of the apps you have been requested to authorize (see the video). Click the “X” to block the app then follow the logical steps. That’s it, you’re done.

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  • Inot1227

    where in FB is this figure 2? i cannot find it… sorry for my noobie query. thanks very much.

    • Ken Cook

      See the image below it that says UPDATED? That’s the screenshot that changed and how it should appear now.

  • Dee

    my listing page, doesn’t give me the option to select an “x” or to block.  So basically this article hasn’t helped me.  Please provide clairification

    • Ken Cook

      Read the full article. The update for the newest version of Facebook’s UI is pictured and explained at the bottom of the article as indicated in the very first line of the article.

  • Chloe

    Is there any answer from how to delete friends I blocked on FB.. I mean deleting them from game apps too…