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Far be it from me to be perfect in the English language. My sister, the Ed. D., takes care of that for the family. When she was in under-graduate school she would literally grade the Atlanta Journal Constitution. Damn yankee she is! Perhaps we share a gene. Perhaps I’m just a freak about a few things. Like the use of the words than and then in a phrase with another word such as, “less than”.

Far too often, understanding the internet is mostly unedited, I see the phrase “less then”. Today I saw one from someone I know very well who wrote, “we see you a lot less then we used to”. Really? Is this a < less then symbol? Here, let’s try some¬†exercises:

  1. Ken can be a jerk but less ________ he has been previously. (then or than?)
  2. You have more points ________ Bill. (then or than?)
  3. The Falcons have scored more points _______ the Rams. (then or than?)
  4. We ate fish and chips _______ had a pint of stout. (then or than?)
  5. First I will get a tattoo of the moon _______ a piercing of a crater in the moon. (then or than?)
  6. I would rather stay here first ______ go to work. (then or than?)

Okay, I’m smug and snarky. The last one is not a trick question but it could be. If staying here first is a choice between options then the word than could the correct answer. If the word first had not be used the best answer would be than.

Then is expressive of a point in time. The point can be fixed or random: “First I will run then I will walk.” “First I ran then I walked.”

When it is a choice between running and walking: “I would rather run than walk.”

When it is a choice between which to do first, run first or walk first: “I would rather run then walk.”

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Hunting Ghosts in Social Media

Every Wednesday night, at least during late summer and fall, if you tune to SyFy around 9PM on Wednesdays you will see a group of “professional ghost hunters” (paranormal investigators) setting up expensive high tech equipment in hopes of catching something … paranormal. With just a few clicks you can hunt the hunters in social media and follow along with a lot of what they have going on in their daily lives.

Ghost Hunters starts Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson can be found on Twitter at @Jchawes and @GrantWilson. Grant also has a MySpace at http://www.myspace.com/slamtastic

Steve Gonsalves, the head tech and spider lover, is on Twitter at @SteveGonzalves1 and has a MySpace page at http://www.myspace.com/44821

Kris Williams from Ghost Hunters
Kris Williams from Ghost Hunters

Kris Williams has a Twitter account at @KrisWilliams81 and her own Blogger blog at http://www.kriswilliams.com/ for you die hard junkies. Even better she maintains a pretty decent set of images on her Flickr account located at http://www.flickr.com/photos/53181997@N05/

Another mainstay of the show is Ami Bruni who’s Twitter account is @AmyBruni. An interesting fact is that she put her IMDB link on her Twitter profile and I don’t see that any of the others do this: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm3192899/ Amy is also the only west coaster on the show. So how did she get involved?

Then there is Dave Tango who is regularly paired with Steve in their investigative time. They always seem to find the bugs, bats and birds which makes their dry humor moments even more interesting. Dave is on Twitter at @DaveTango. You can “like” Dave over on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Dave-Tango/180424765953 if you want to see a few more photos of him.

As a bonus one of the people followed on Twitter by some of the Ghost Hunters is Scott Tepperman of Ghost Hunters International who can be found on Twitter at @ScottGHI.

Obviously there are other people who put the shows together who are not mentioned and this could turn into a book on its own. A post a little out of the norm for me but I like Ghost Hunters and these people are much more interesting to watch than some of the uber dramatic paranormal shows on other networks. I never wonder if they faked anything that makes it to the show.

What you do not know is I saw a full bodied apparition when I was 12 and it has never left me. So, yes, I’m interested in knowing what it was and how it could have happened. And here is an interesting bit. While I was digging around on Twitter and checking Amy Bruni’s account to make sure I had the right address and to see what link she had in her profile she tweeted, I responded and she responded (you never know who’s watching):

Amy Bruni Twitter

Original tweet here

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