10 Secrets of Crushing It Online

I recently was asked to teach a series of classes on Social Media marketing and related technology. Most of the classes I added to the curriculum are classes I have taught in the past. Mixed in with those it a new one I wrote called “10 Secrets of Crushing It Online“.

The class is made up of observations from some of the most successful online marketing experts there are. People like Jay Baer, Guy Kawasaki, Mari Smith, and others just to name a few. These are derived not only from simply capturing statements they have made over the years but also from examining their methods and styles.

It is a class that I teach in person through the AllistonGroup.com so I can’t just “give” you the entire course here. But what I can do, in exchange for one of two things, is give you the 10 bullet points. It’s not nearly the same as discussing it in class but it does give you the bullets. To get the white sheet simply follow me on Snapchat.com @thekencook or follow me on Twitter and tweet this: @thekencook please send me the “10 Secrets of Crushing It Online” white sheet