Twitter Almost Replicates AOL Chat Rooms from 1988!


There are two things missing from the Internet and have been since what we originally new as “the web” became what everyone thinks of as “the Internet”. One is mass repositories of downloadable information in FTP or Gopher protocols. While some functions of the web, originally referred to as the WWW or HTTP, embrace FTP/Gopher style delivery of files and documents, the overall web is completely bloated. Think “no advertisements”, no misleading links, and easily sortable file structure. But that’s not the big one that missed the mark. My first few “web development” jobs back in 1994 through 1997 mostly came from small business owners who had built big followings on AOL. Now it was very difficult in those days […]

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Blocking Spam Traffic From Bad Referrers

How can it be that your site which normally gets maybe 30 visitors per day is now getting 90? And why did your bounce rate go from 60% to 95%? And why is time on site headed toward 0 seconds? If you see SeaMalt continuously showing in your analytics or web traffic reports do you know what that is? Dump it, block it, get rid of it. When I recently told a project manager about this issue for one of her clients who only has a few hits per month and about 60% of those come from SeaMalt she explained it to her client. She also told him my recommendation to block it in .htaccess – what happened next is […]

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How To Edit Or Delete Posts And Comments On Facebook

Most people take it for granted that editing and deleting comments on Facebook is very simple to do. Still, I see people regularly apologizing for a comment or a post, or posting a correction of spelling. But why? Do they not know it’s not only possible to edit or delete a post or comment but it’s also very simple? Of course you need to know it exists and Facebook doesn’t necessarily make it overtly obvious. Say you have made a post and misspelled a word. All you want to do is to edit that word. It’s possible. Simply hover your cursor over the text of your comment and a little marker (or pencil) icon will appear to the right. Click […]

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Fun App: Oldify


A picture is worth a thousand words…or more sometimes. There are a lot of fun apps, many of them are dangerous – this one seems to check out using the Bitdefender app for mobile devices. Pretty simple to use though it takes it a few seconds to render. Just take a selfie, align your mouth and eye, click “Ready” and in a few seconds you have your future self! When it first renders on the Android it presents you with a little motion graphic, too. The app is called Oldify and found in the Google Play store and the App store. Share your photo in the comments and let us all see how yours turned out!  

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Small Business Series – Leadership Revelations: Enforcer

Referees are just one form of visible enforcer most people expect and do not object too. (Photo: Jim Larrison, licensed CC)

This month I have 5 posts to share. These are just my own realizations/revelations over the years. The total topic is Enforcer, Steward, Manager, Influencer, Leader. Today I begin with Enforcer. This article may be wordy and it may not seem like it has anything to do with Business Leadership but in reality it has everything to do with it. Bookmark it and come back later if you don’t have the time to read it now because this is one of the “character development scenes” if this were a movie. When were hear the word “enforcer” we may immediately think of a Hollywood stereotype of a big man in leather wearing a badge and carrying a big gun. In reality there are […]

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7 Hot Social Selling Tips for 2015

Why do some marketers seem to do so well with social selling while others can’t seem to get any traction? You’ll be surprised to learn some of the answers and put them into use. We have monitored and evaluated the top social sellers to discover these 7 social selling tips to help you improve your online marketing results. #1 Choose And Use Good Images Many people think just having a Pinterest or Instagram account is good enough. Just having a presence on any social site is only the beginning of attracting attention. So, whether it’s one of the photocentric social sites, Twitter, Google+, Facebook or any other the use of well chosen images is key to standout posts that will […]

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Install Contact Form with New reCAPTCHA Spam Blocker


You’ve seen it, the reCAPTCHA tool installed on web forms. But how do they get that? How do you control spam? Chances are you need an email contact form on your site – especially one that sends an automated reply to your visitors. But you don’t need expensive email campaign systems like Mail Chimp or Constant Contact. You simply can’t afford another $10 a month much less $30 or more just to capture a few emails. Relax, there’s a solution It’s really not that difficult to do yourself if you have a small amount of coding experience. If you don’t you’ll probably be happy to know I can install it and give you my own email response system all for […]

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WordPress Category Page How-To

So you’ve got a great WordPress site and you have some good content. What you need to know is how to create a page in WordPress that shows all the posts from only one category. Well, it’s pretty simple once you do it just one time. In just a minute I’ll show you  a video of how to do it. Here’s an example of how you may need to use this. If you have a WordPress site for your particular topic and you have it divided in to sub-topics you may only want to show that subtopic on one page. For example you may have a catering company and your website is run on WordPress. So you may have categories […]

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How To Fix WordPress Format Breaking Headings


So you’ve taken all day to get that blog post or article just right in your head but when you plug it into WordPress the headings break the formatting leaving ugly blank spaces. I know, it happens to all of us. Fortunately for you the fix is really easy for me. So if I can show you how to do it you can make the necessary CSS (style sheet) changes in just a few minutes; Seconds actually. First make sure you are using a child theme. (Don’t know how? I can create one for you, just contact me.) If you make changes to the theme’s style.css file they will be over-written the first time you update your themes. Now then, […]

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Top bloggers know how many words a post should have


Statistics say you won’t read this post completely even if it’s highly valuable to you. Want to know why? Read on… Let the arguments begin…but first, a back story. Some years ago a few “friends” and I were sitting around a literal round table discussing such heady things as Obi Wan vs. Spock and what soccer would be like if played with square balls. Then we got around to things where religious fervor can come in to play like which social site will dominate for our market sector. Then it got really nasty when we started talking about The Length Of Posts (as in how many words). Opinion soup was the fare of the day with numbers ranging from 750 […]

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